Property for sale and tax exemption

Three decades of expertise in real estate and my in-depth knowledge of the market enable me to provide you with tailored support when buying or selling existing properties or new builds.

Accumulating a rental property portfolio (in particular) is crucial in these unsettled times and legal frameworks provide a strong incentive.

I’m not a strong believer in the Malraux or Historical Building type frameworks, whose property sale prices – often outside the town centre – are too disconnected from the market.

By contrast, the Pinel framework enables you to build an estate by borrowing at a low rate and having half of the property paid by the tenant and with resulting tax savings.

I can access the offering of the major French developers and I am particularly fond of the Paris Region market, where tenants are guaranteed to be creditworthy.

Creating property depreciation by purchasing a rental property to renovate can also be of interest if you already have real estate income.

Finally, I am currently developing a unique concept for dividing property, enabling my customers mainly without heirs to acquire beneficial ownership of property in Paris at a discount of 40 to 50%.

Paris - Montparnasse, charming studio - Sold

Latest transactions :

Paris Opéra, sold
Village house in Gordes : Sold
Paris 5th district: business premises, Sold
Clichy: Studio Sold